Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Landing strip?

I have been perusing Apartment Therapy and Martha's website for ideas for a "landing strip." Now I hate that name for that space for reasons I will not go into. I don't have a foyer so I can't call it that. But basically it's a space by your front door where you can drop your stuff. A piece of furniture of some sort that maybe has a lamp and a chachki or two. Drawers or space to put shoes is good too. Maybe "touch down" is a better name?? Anyhow, I would like to create a touch down space by the front door. Here are a couple examples of touch down spaces.


yogamama said...

Good could have both mirrors and paint whatever color - cept they are about the same size. Also for the front door area, you could incorporate your blue bench..NO?

greenEm said...

you have a good area to do this in- that weird area by the door- and I love the pink and gray sceem- sub. the green for aqua