We always say “someday”… we could be referring to when we’re going to take that vacation, or when we’re going to go back to school for that degree, or when we’re going to try that new hobby we’ve been thinking about. Or it could be something along the lines of someday my life will be good when I’ve achieved X, Y and Z. I am guilty of this as much as the next guy or gal. However I’m trying to change my outlook on life and be happy every day rather than waiting to be happy when I have the job, the husband, the house and the dog I want. Finding happiness or a smile in everyday things and events can have an enormous impact on the quality of your life and mine.

I started writing The Next Day is Someday shortly after my life turned upside down in August of 2008. I found solace in the world of interior design blogs. I loved getting away from my life if just for a moment and pretending I could have a beautiful home like I saw in the blogs I read. Little did I know that when I named my blog what I did, that it would stick with me for so long and still be applicable two years later. I was living one day at a time, not knowing what might be around the corner. People told me that someday things would get better, someday I would look back on this portion of my life and the pain would be a fuzzy memory. I told myself that the next day could be someday, and that I would make it there eventually.

I recently narrowed down my favorite subjects to blog about and found five that stood out. I am passionate about; being green, most forms of crafting and quilting, interior design and decorating, exploring authenticity (in myself and others) and travel and adventures. What I do know, is that I am inspired by beautiful stories, quotes, pictures and projects. I love reading the blogs that I do because they bring me joy, even if it’s just momentary joy from reading something wonderfully written, or seeing a beautiful picture that someone has taken. I find stolen blissful moments over a perfectly pink rose, a perfect wave rolling onto the beach or a creamy and decadent cheese on my tongue. I’m going to continue sharing these things with you and I hope you can either find them equally blissful or go out and find your own bliss!