Thursday, September 18, 2008

My lunchtime activity!

Argh. I had this post all but done and my computer freaked out. Lately I have been spending my lunch time perusing my favorite design blogs and websites. It's my little escape from work and reality. Today I visited Apartment Therapy and Martha's website. I got some cute ideas. I don't have a headboard and I have some ideas for one. I don't think I would hang a quilt, not quite my style but I think it's a cool idea. Especially if you have a quilt that is special to you that might be too fragile to have on the bed. I love the cabinet in the center. It's so fresh and sweet. You could change out the fabric with the season or your mood! And it wouldn't have to go in a kitchen either, it would be cute in a living room. It could hide electronic equiptment, dvd's or board games or whatever! I love the idea on the right. I have a collection of teacups and saucers that don't get used for tea and are currently in a box. I think this would be cute on top of a dresser or vanity if you didn't want to put them in a drawer. You could find a vintage tray at a flea market and line it with fabric so they don't slip. All images courtesy of Marta Stewart! ;)

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