Monday, October 20, 2008

Chico bags!

I am a big advocate of avoiding the use of paper or plastic bags when shopping but I have had such a hard time remembering to use the green bags. I forget to put them in my car or bring them with me. I have found the solution for me. I got a chico bag as a favor from a work thing I went to. It's small and packs into it's own bag and I keep it in my purse. I have used it countless times already so I got myself another one tonight at Whole Foods. These I can remember to use. It feels nice to know I'm keeping plastic bags out of the landfill and not contributing to the need for the production of paper bags.

I definitely reccomend getting one if you have trouble remembering to bring your bags along to the store.


emeraldwednesday said...

I love those bags. Mine came with a little carabiner, so I clip it to the shoulder strap of my purse. Definitely helps for those days when you weren't planning to shop, but end up picking up a couple things!

Anonymous said...

I have one too! I clipped it to my purse, and when I use a clutch, my key chain.