Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Kids on the Block was sweet!

I don't have any pictures. :( We thought we wouldn't be aloud to take our cameras in so we left them down the street in the car. When we got there they said cameras were aloud. Oh well. It was soooo much fun! Natasha Bedingfield opened for them and she was pretty good. They played a lot of their new stuff which really wasn't so bad. Of course the old stuff got the most reaction and everyone new the words. Here are a couple videos I got with my phone. They aren't very good and it's hard to hear because of all the screaming but I'm still glad I have them.
I went with my girlfriends from high school and grade school, I really enjoyed hanging out with them! We stayed up until almost 3am catching up and talking after the concert. Yesterday we had breakfast at Stacks, went to vist my sister and get coffee then came home and hung out for a bit. We went to Santana Row in the afternoon and I found out that my dishes from Anthrolplogie are on clearance! I have to make a decision today as to whether I will buy them. They are going away forever and the are half the price that they were. We also went to Paper Source and were soo excited because they had a free activity we could all do together. We got to make the cutest little halloween cards. One of my girlfriends is not the craftiest of gals and even she made one. We were very proud of her! I was having such a good time with them but I had to leave so I could go make the mac and cheese I took to the party I went to last night. All in all I had a really good Saturday! I hope to hang out with my girlfriends more in the future. If only we were all closer.

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