Sunday, December 28, 2008

Compost progress

So I just went out to check on my compost. I have what I think is good news! It had it's own condensation inside. As far as I understand compost needs to generate it's own heat to properly do its thing. When I was home for Christmas my sister got a compost turner from Santa. My dad was really eager to try using it in his pile. It worked really well and since it was cold outside you could see the steam coming off of it as it was turned. It even radiated a small amount of heat.

I went out and grabbed a handful of leaves from the street to toss in with what I have. You need to balance out the green waste and the brown waste. I have no idea if I am doing it right but I'll find out eventually. At some point I might have to start a second bin because it does take a while for it to actually turn into compost.

I also got a compost keeper for my kitchen! It looks nice and it uses biodegradeable bags. It can sit on the counter or under the sink and supposedly it won't smell.

I'm on my way to being more green and I'm excited about it! :)

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