Monday, January 5, 2009

Cool space

I love the randomness of this space. It has a great combination of old and new. Old found objects are displayed just as proudly as new modern ones. When I find images of spaces I like I try to look at the details and see what ideas I can take from it.

In the picture above aside from all of the great colors I like that the coffee table appears to be made out of a door. I like that.

The picture above doesn't really seem too exciting but what you can take from it is how even though this space has all white walls it's colorful with pops of color at the door, rug and bedspread.

This kitchen is small and tight but it's cute. The inhabitant of this apartment in Buenos Aires Argentina made the curtains herself. She used carrots to stamp the colored shapes onto them. I like that idea. You can actually use many types of veggies and fruits to stamp fabrics.

Lately I've seen a couple pictures of spices and grains displayed proudly in cute jars. I like this idea and have been thinking about how I can display some of my spices, pastas and grains like this. You can buy spices at Whole Foods in the bulk section and not have to buy them in jars. They also sell grains and cereals and such that would be great for this application.

And some pictures just make me happy. I really like this apartment. It's cozy and very personal. Check out the original post on Design Sponge here. Check out their "outdoor" dining room!

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