Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally, the weekend!

I had a busy week! Thursday and Friday I went to Oakland for a workshop on green residential building and design. It was really informative and interesting. It was held at the Scottish Rite building right across the street from Lake Merritt. It's an old building with some great old architectural features like big painted beams and corbels and old plaster wall finishes. Yesterday was a beautiful day so we went for a little walk part of the way around Lake Merritt after we ate lunch. We also had an open book exam that was a piece of cake compared to the LEED exam I took last February. If I passed it which I'm pretty sure I did I will be a CGBP (certified green building professional).
It really got me to thinking about how green I am and how much greener I could be. I think I've reached a sort of plateau or something. I need to start doing more.
Today I'm hoping to go for a bike ride, I'm getting a pedicure and I'm going to get the paint to paint the kitchen wall. I'll probably actually do it tomorrow.
I got up today feeling pretty good and ready to enjoy my weekend! I was showered and downstairs to start my day by 8:30. My moody was slightly soured by seeing one of my favorite and loved plates sitting in the sink broken. I asked my roommate about it and he doesn't remember doing it and neither do I. I'm bummed because I can't replace it and it was special to me because my dishes were some of the first things I bought myself after B left. And my best girlfriends bought me half of them for my birthday. :(
I'm trying really hard to shake it off and get on with this day that was supposed to be great!

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