Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I love going to the farmers market! I don't often buy all that much stuff but I love going. I had a pleasant surprise today that peaches and nectarines are getting into season now! It's really starting to feel more like summer, yeay!
Yesterday I spent the whole day at home because the IT guy from my old office came over to work on my computer. Last weekend somehow a virus got in and planted a bunch of crap on my it. He was here for 5 hours working on it. I need to get an external hard drive because alllll of the pictures I have are taking up a crapload of room on my hard drive and making my computer run reeeaaallllly slow. Eventually he is going to reload/rebuild it so that it will last me a couple more years. I was really ready for him to leave when he finally did.
While he was here I did the rest of the quilting I'm supposed to have done before my last class on Wednesday. For my last class I'll learn how to sew and put on the binding and make a label for the quilt. Supposedly every quilt is supposed to have a name. What should I name it?
I was originally going to go to Yuba this weekend but decided to postpone it and go next weekend instead. It's been kind of nice to have a weekend without a bunch of stuff planned. I'm currently roasting some strawberries to make a batch of the strawberry ricotta muffins and later I'm heading out to do some research on furniture for my clients.

Happy Sunday


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the binding is the worst, but since I know you're working on hand quilting your other quilt, it makes me think you can do freaking anything!!

Good luck with your muffins and your research

Faith, the Authoress said...

Let me know if you have any time to drop by for coffee when you come through Sac!