Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A new blog I'm going to follow

Tonight I attended a mini workshop about the science of natural lighting. While I was there I found out about a blog that is documenting the process of building a very green house from the beginning. It's really exciting to read and I hope they continue to leep up with their entries. They are building one part of it with straw bales and they will have this awesome natural wetland/stream in the backyard. I'm hoping to get to tour it when it is done. I seriously get giddy and rediculously excited when I think about how cool it's going to be! oh, and it's also going to be a solar passive house. What does that mean you ask? Basically it's oriented so that the south facing wall can be mostly strategically placed windows and overhangs to harness the power of the sun. Did you know you can use the sun to heat your house in the winter and stay cool in the summer?
Hopefully you check it out. It's so exciting! Check it out here.

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