Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quilting Bee

I'm going to join a quilting bee! I never really knew what one was until yesterday a friend of mine told me about an internet/by mail based one that she is going to do. It runs for 12 months starting June of this year. Each month one person gets to be the "queen bee." What that means is that for that month everyone is making quilt blocks for her. She picks out her fabrics and sends them to the members of the quilting bee with any instructions she wants. She can ask for specific block patterns or styles or she can be really daring and leave it up to the worker bees to do what they want to do. When it's not your month you get to be a worker bee and make a block for that months queen bee. I think it sounds really cool and it a unique way to have a whole quilt made for you by people you don't even know! I suppose it could turn out horribly or it could be great! How exciting to get a packet of fabric in the mail once a month! These days mail is pretty boring so it'll be nice to get something other than a bill!

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Anonymous said...

Horray! I'm glad you've joined!