Thursday, May 28, 2009

quilting progress

Hi all- I feel like I am really lagging with my blogging. Life is just busy.
Last night I had my quilting class and I actually started turning my quilt top into an actual quilt! For those non quilters out there a quilt isn't a quilt until you actually sew the top to the batting in the middle to the back. I'm learning how to do it on the machine vs. hand quilting it. It's not easy because you have to maneuver three somewhat heavy and bulky layers around. I found that my first run of stitching has super uneven stitches. Some were really small and others were bigger. I think it just takes time to get the rythm down pat.

This is the quilt after the three layers have all been pinned together, before starting to sew it together.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, quilting is my least favorite part. I refuse to even do it if it's not air conditioned because I start to bake under all the fabric.

Good work!

Butterfly said...

Your top turned out awesome!!! I LOVE it.

I went totally crazy and bought myself a Longarm quilting machine - still in the learning process right now but should be up and running with it soon. No more trying to quilt all three layers under my small sewing machine.