Monday, June 1, 2009

If I kept a gun in my car...

As Martha would say, it's a "good thing" that I don't keep a gun in my car. I swear that if I had one I would go to jail for shooting the next dumbass that I see throw a cigarette butt out of their car window. Where the hell do these people get off? The world is not a trash can! If one chooses to smoke (which in my opinion is one of the most idiotic things a person can do) they need to be be responsible for their butts.
I'd like to send all of these beyond stupid people to Singapore to live and see how they do there! I'd be the first one in line to watch them get caned for littering!
Oh and BY THE WAY, IT'S A FIRE HAZARD!!!!!!!!!

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yogamama said...

Whoa.....feel better?