Sunday, July 12, 2009

Palo Alto Ceramics and Glass festival

Today I went to the Palo Alto ceramics and glass show with a girlfriend. We had a great time! There were a lot of really great vendors with a lot of variety. I was really enamored with several of them and was given permission to take some pictures so I could share them with you. It's a great thing to support local artists so if you like what you see here check out their websites!

This artist was Forms in Clay. What I loved about her work was the detail and unique shapes. I loved that they looked like they had seams and closures on them. I also thought the olives and pits set was cute.
This next set of pics is from Kathryn Finn. She makes the cutest little porcelain figures and necklaces. They aren't really my personal style but they were very creative and unique. I loved the sketchy and illustrative quality of them. She really captures the style of maybe Peter Rabbit or other childrens books. She makes these necklaces that flip open and have little sayings in the inside. My girlfriend got a couple of her pieces for her baby's room.

This stuff was super cool, and so was the artist. Her pieces remind me of some scrapbook paper that is out there, but it's ceramic! She uses rubber stamps to put the figures, words and images into the clay. Her website doesn't really show much of this work but it's good to look at too. Her booth was called Virtue Vision. The glaze colors she uses are so bright and wonderful! The pictures don't really do the pieces justice, you have to see and touch them in peson to get the texture and the color.

I loved this booth! I actually got a little vase about the size of my thumb with a little blue bird on it. Catherine Reece and her family are a group of clay workers, even her young son has his own Etsy page! Village Clayworks is her website and there is a link there to her Etsy site as well as her son's. I love all of the little birds and owls and trees. So cute!

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NorCalMrs said...

I love the pieces with the owls and birds on them! So adorable!