Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a little update

This morning I went for a bike ride up to Lake Vasona in Los Gatos. I took my latest book with me and sat on a bench for a bit before heading back to Campbell. It sometimes takes a bit to get me motivated to head out as I have to slather up with sunblock and get my helmet on but once I'm out there on the trail it's worth it. Today I met a family of ducks, the babies were so cute! So cute I had to snap a picture with my phone. There were 9 babies! I'm reading Julie and Julia right now. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie, which I think is going to be quite different than the book but I'm sure I'll still enjoy it. On other fronts I has my place all to myself for three whole days! My roomie went to Denver for a dance camp sort of thing. I thought I would be so excited to be alone for the time he was gone but I found that I was lonely. We don't exactly talk a lot when he is here but I guess I missed just having someone else around.

My computer is dying. I've had it since 2003 I think. Or maybe 2004, I don't remember. The IT guy from my old office has been working on it off and on for several weekends. We've come to the conclusion that my hard drive needs replacing. I think that will be done this weekend while I'm in Yuba City. Hopefully after that it'll be good for another couple of years??? Or at least until I feel I can afford a new one.

Yesterday I went to the farmer's market and wandered as I like to do. I sample lots of different things and usually come home with a small smattering of fruits and flowers. I can't ever seem to decide to buy many veggies, I just don't know what I would do with them. My latest obsession is honey. I put it on fruit and yogurt and on english muffins with peanut butter. I could get it at TJ's but I like buying it at the FM because I'm supporting bees that live locally! The honey is made close to where I live. I also bought pluots and apriums, which are super yummy!

Some of my favorite flowers are dahlias. I love their architecture and their perfection! I got some wonderful orange ones and they just make me smile!

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