Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The latest...

Hello blog readers!
While I have trouble keeping track of which day is which these days they still seem to go by quickly. My mom was here for the last three days helping my sister to get organized for her move to Italy. Yesterday we went to Santa Cruz, I swear I've been there more in the last several months than I have in two years time. I had grand plans to finally get my nose pierced but was once again thwarted. We walked around downtown Santa Cruz, sat on the beach for a while and headed back to San Jose to have dinner at Santana Row.
Tomorrow night I am attending my first orientation for being a volunteer at the Humane Society Silicon Valley. I'm hoping to be a dog volunteer. I want one of my own so badly, I thought that maybe I would get some satisfaction from hanging out with and taking care of dogs at least once a week. I'm hoping to learn enough so that when I can actually get my own dog I'll know what to expect as far as taking good care of one. I really want a female dauschund. We met one on the beach yesterday named Honey, she was so sweet.
I luckily had the forethought to think that the Humane Society might have some kind of policy about visible piercings and tattoos and such, I called to find out and it turns out that they do so I decided to wait on getting my nose pierced. Once I get the hang of it there and see how strict they are about those things I'll think about doing it again.
I spent my day today catching up on some reading, and working on a new little, or big really project. Now that I have Auto Cad on my computer again I'm reaquainting myself with the program. I've decided to design a house to work on my drafting skills and have something for my portfolio. Because I love Sea Ranch so much I'm working on a house that would be right at home there. I'm enjoying it so far. Once I get it mostly figured out I'm going to put it into another new program I have to build it in 3-D. Once I actually accomplish this I'll have something cool for my portfolio!
Anyhow, that's the latest from Lake Wobegon...

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