Thursday, July 16, 2009

well, today was sort of a big day for me. Well busy anyways if not big. I went to yoga this morning which was tough because I went on Tuesday and am still sore. It was good though and my hamstrings feel a bit better today.
After attempting to file the final paperwork for the divorce on Tuesday and running into a couple snags I tried again today. I went to two different locations; one to get help to make sure I filled out the paperwork correctly and the other to actually file. The first place went so much faster than I thought it would I still had time to get over to the family court building and actually file the final stuff. So now I just wait for the final judgement and I will officially be single. It was a tough day on Tuesday and I got a bit emotional but today was fine. I just did it and got it over with.
This evening I went to my first networking event since December through IIDA which is a professional affiliation I'm a member of. It was kind of nice to discuss business with people and see people I knew when I was working. It gives me hope that someday I'll be doing it again. I'm hoping to attend another one later this month in San Francisco.

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