Friday, August 7, 2009

I am woman, hear me roar!

Ladies (of all ages and lifestyles), if you didn't read my post below about the women posing topless in NYC you should. Now I understand that some of you reading my blog might be a bit more conservative and this seems preposterous but I'd like to suggest something. If you haven't ever thought about doing a boudoir photo shoot I must reccomend it. Along the lines of the women in NYC doing a boudoir shoot can be so freeing and awesome! If you are ok with viewing partial nudity or sexy pictures I have two photographers websites you should check out. One is Danielle Fletcher's website and the other is Jennifer Skog. Each of them has a website and a blog. Jennifer's blog has a wonderful new video clip of a recent 12 hour couture boudoir shoot that she did. It's awesome.
Now hopefully I've planted the seed and you'll think about doing this. Save up for it, it's worth it!

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