Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Card making

So as I posted a couple days ago, I had a stamp party on Saturday. It's been a very long time since I did anything that would be considered paper crafting and I'm getting back into it now. I used to be an avid scrapbooker but when all the the years of pictures you have to work on are suddenly not what you want to be reminded of everything gets stuck in a closet to be forgotten. Yesterday I got out and organized my paper so that I could start using it to make greeting cards. As big of an email, and text and facebook user as I am, there is nothing that can replace getting any card in the mail, and a handmade one is always better! I was tired last night when I finally started on them, but I got two done and they are already addressed and ready to go in the mail.
I can't wait to get the supplies I was able to order after doing the stamp party! I'm itchin to get crafty!
Here are the cards I made last night. They aren't actually stamped, these are rub-on's and I'll have to say that the quality of these rub-ons is better than any I've ever used!

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yogamama said...

Those are really great, Amy.