Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween weekend 2009!

I went home for Halloween this past weekend. I had the wonderful surprise of once again being home for the Sikh new year. What is this you ask? My parents live just around the corner from the Sikh temple in Yuba City. The first Sunday of November they celebrate their new year, or I think that's what it is. On Friday night they had the most spectacular fireworks display! I've never stood so close! We were standing just underneath them and it was so loud! Awesome! Saturday night I went to a friends house for a Halloween party, my first one in a long time. Before I left I got Lola to sit for me so I could take a picture of her with her clown collar on. This picture makes me laugh, it's like the one you might have taken when you were five, just before going out to trick-or-treat. I was Strawberry Shortcake! I loved her as a kid. I was in good company, Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, Amy Winehouse, and Alice in Wonderland.

On Sunday my mom and I walked over to the celebration at the temple. Neither of us has ever done that before. All of the food is free! We tried a couple things, most of the time everything is too spicy for me. We tried one thing, that I think was called Tiki, or something along those lines. It was basically a fried potato ball with spices in it, but they put cabbage or lettuce on top of it, and three different sauces, one was minty, one was a yogurt sauce and the third one was sweet, it was sort of like a sweet syrupy chai almost. It was too spicy for me but it tasted good.

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