Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm usually a pretty healthy person as far as getting colds and such goes. I flew to and from Italy and France and managed not to get sick from one of the thousands of people I came into contact with in airports and planes. Yesterday I came down with a cold and I hate it. I attribute it to working in an office with lots of people and touching copiers and papers that others have touched. Yuck. It's not bad enough to go home but it's annoying enough to throw me off and hamper my concentration. Argh. I should just go get some sort of medication for it but I'm stubborn when it comes to that stuff. Hopefully downing a couple cups of
Emergen-C each day will help. I was so tired last night I went to bed at 8:30 and slept until my alarm went off this morning. I figure the more sleep the better and hopefully sooner this will go away. I have some partying to do this weekend, I hope I feel better by then!
On another note, I did my volunteer hours at the Humane Society last night and spent some time with the sweetest puppies ever! I think they were sisters, and they were pitbulls. They were the sweetest little gals ever! They were each content to curl up in my lap and take a nap, which was interesting because of their size. Their little faces were so cute I just wanted to smush them up so they would wrinkle more.  I even got to take a little catnap while one of them slept in my lap. If they wouldn't grow up to be big dogs I would have considered wanting one of them!

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