Thursday, March 18, 2010

Martha goes to Africa!

Africa is one of the places I want to go before I die. I want to see giraffe's in their natural habitat. Plus, I love the movie "Out of Africa." I can think of no better place to go than the one pictured in her trip. This place is gorgeous. The hotel is designed beautifully, and the food looks delicious. These are just a few of the pictures she took while in South Africa. She shared them on her blog. There are three different posts about the trip. The first is their arrival, the second is when they went out in search of animals and the third includes a trip they took to another of the Singita lodges. If you have time, check them out. I really want to go to Africa now!
They saw this elephant while they were dining al fresco!
Seriously, who wouldn't want to take a bath in this tub! Look at the pile of bath salts on the left.
A stop for a high end snack while out on safari
One of  the boardwalks to the lodging at Singita Lodge. She said in her blog post that every guest is supposed to be accompanied by someone from the hotel when outside. The reserve is not fenced off from the hotel. Animals roam at will.
Hungry hungry hippo!
And the piece de resistance! GIRAFFE SIGHTING!!!

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