Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little progress

I won't be doing this every time I accomplish one of my goals in a day but I wanted to share what I managed yesterday and today so far.
I did not turn on the tv last night and I managed to get a few things done, sorry Dancing with the Stars. I paid bills and cleaned up the kitchen better than I usually manage. I also got some reading done and I washed my face and brushed my teeth, didn't get to the flossing but I hope to tonight.
I also managed to grab my gym clothes and brought them with me today so I can go directly to the gym tonight after work. I don't like the idea of dealing with a locker and all that crap so I'll change here at work and head out.
I added some people to my LinkedIn profile and tonight after the gym I hope to check out Craigslist for job postings and reevaluate the design firms I'd like to send and resend my resumes to.
Little steps...
I realize this is mundane every day crap that nobody really cares about, but sharing helps me stay accountable.

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