Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thinking outloud...

I feel like I read a lot of design blogs and websites, and I find more every day! I know that a lot of them are the moneymaker for the author. I've often wondered how in the world people actually make enough money blogging to support themselves. When I went to the Sunset Celebration weekend and I asked the woman who is in charge of the gardens how I could get a job at Sunset she was very honest and said, "don't bother." She said that publishing is dying She and her partner told me to start a blog. I thought to myself, well I already have a blog, but it's nothing special. She was talking about the big guns, the real thing with sponsors and stuff.  I've been thinking about it since then, just in snippets and to myself really. Could I do that? Could I make enough money blogging and doing creative things not to have to have a traditional 9-5 job? Then my realistic brain kicks in and I wonder what those people do for health insurance? They probably have a partner or spouse that has it... I don't have that luxury. Then I wonder, if I was doing fun creative things all day would they cease to be fun anymore because they were a job? After doing my jewelry sales I found that I really wanted nothing to do with the business aspect of it. Adding things up, and pricing and taxes and all that crap makes my head spin. I just want to be creative and let someone else do that part.
When I think about the things I love doing the most, and what I want to do with my life, I think of working for an interior design firm, or getting to be creative all the time. So in this time of crappy economy and joblessness one is forced to think of what sounds like the dream job and what brings in the dough.  What is that saying though? Do what makes you happy?
One of the very successful blogs I read is Design Sponge. There are posts quite often titled Biz Ladies. I've always ignored them but now I think they could be very useful, or at least enlightening.
I'm going to keep thinking about this... if you have any opinions or ideas, feel free to share.

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Mrs. Samantha Scott said...

I absolutely think that you could make money blogging. Maybe not enough to support yourself right off, but you could supplement your income. I've heard people say that this recession is the perfect time for people to start their own business, and doing what makes you happy is what life is all about. No one wants to be stuck in a job just because it pays the bills and you can always pay for your own health insurance from Kaiser. I'm here if you need a numbers gal too, numbers are my bread and butter. :o) Good luck with whatever you strive to accomplish, I know you can do it.