Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fourth weekend...

I went home to my parents this weekend for the first weekend we've all four been there together since last August. Six if you count the dog and the cat.  It was a super laid back weekend and I stayed indoors for most of it. It was darn hot there. We made a really good fourth of July meal with corn on the cob, barbequed chicken, potato salad, bean salad and the most delicious dessert. I brought my ice cream maker home and we made vanilla ice cream. It was super good. As you can see, the dog enjoyed the leftovers in the bowl.

My sister made a delicious dessert, I think it was called a gallette... I'm not sure if that's right.

Having lived in the bay area for ten years now (wow, that's a third of my life, roughly) I haven't had the chance to set off fireworks for probably that long! They aren't legal in the city I live in. My sister and I bought a few so we could enjoy setting them off ourselves. It was fun and she almost got hit by a rouge firework.

Afterwards we walked down to where the whole neighborhood was gathered, it was sort of nice. Everyone pooled their fireworks and the young guys in the neighborhood set them off. There was one that I swear went off for at least three minutes!
All in all it was a good fourth of July!

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