Saturday, August 28, 2010

The danger of working at Santana Row...

When I was a college student I worked at the mall. It was dangerous and I regularly spent money I didn't have on things I couldn't afford. My mom can attest to this fact. Now that I'm working at another retail location I find myself perusing through my favorite stores on my breaks again. This time around I'm much more financially responsible and not about to drop a hefty sum on these pieces from Anthropologie, but it's nice to dream. These are just a few of the pieces I saw last night and fell in love with. I did not try them on because that would be bank account suicide.

This dress is a beautiful fine wale corduroy.  I love the shape of it. It's so very autumn. I can picture this on my friend Margaret.

I would never have picked out this skirt from the website but in person it's super cute. It's a sweater-like material and the colors are so pretty. I imagine wearing it with my legwarmers...

Gorgeous dress. I picture this on Margaret too. I don't really like it on the model on the website and I'm guessing that you might have to be tall or a bit more substantial to balance out the ruffle.

This skirt was a tactile thing, it's velvety and autumnal.

This one is cuter in person. I love the horses.

I like this corduroy skirt. I would love to wear it with tights and boots, and maybe legwarmers. When I was picking out the yarn for my legwarmers I really liked a color similar to this. It's sort of a grey, brown, eggplant sort of color. The back detail of this skirt is really cute too.

Oh to dream....

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