Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good weekend.

What a great weekend, I feel like I just got a nice big hug.

I spent my weekend with most of my best friends. We were sad that some couldn’t make it. We went to the annual summer Renegade Craft fair. It’s held at Fort Mason in San Francisco. We had so much fun! My sister went too but we got separated.

I took some pics of cute display ideas, sometimes that is the best part of the fair, seeing how all of the vendors set up their stuff, they get so creative. While I was there I had such an urge to create! I needed to sit right down and make something! If all of the creativity in that (very large) room could be bottled it would be like sipping a very very fine wine.
We took some awesome pics in a photo booth, I have to wait to get copies but I will certainly be sharing them as soon as I do, they are so fun!

Such a simple but neat idea, a paper chain with the name of the booth.

Me and my girls

Super cute paper mache tree

The madness...

Makin stuff...

Stef being creative...

This was super exciting, this is Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Red Velvet Art. My girlfriend and I are just two of her many many readers and we got to meet her! She was so sweet! It was very exciting! I bought a print of one of her paintings.

After we left the craft fair we drove over to the Mission District near Dolores Park and got ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. Um, YUM is all I can say! I have heard my girlfriend talk about it many times before and it was featured in my last Sunset Magazine so it was time to try it. We had to walk up and down some serious hills but it was so worth it! I got two flavors, one was brown sugar with caramel ginger swirl and the other was creme fraiche. It was delish!
We picked up groceries and headed back out to the house where we proceeded to eat, drink and laugh ourselves silly for hours and hours. I really am lucky to have so many very close and long time friends. We stayed up until 1:30 chatting.

I headed home today at 1:30 and I was feeling so calm and peaceful I didn't really want to head home yet so I went the long way. I drove along the coast for a while and stopped in Pacifica just to watch the waves and the surfers. It was a lovely day in SF and along the coast, I didn't want to come back to the sunny heat in San Jose. There is something so calming about a foggy day on the coast. It makes me want to bundle up in a scarf and bake.

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