Monday, August 30, 2010

Hear yee hear yee!

I have an announcement! I want to be a blogger, like a real one! If I can't find a real life grown up job I might as well try to build something I love. I love blogging, I love reading other blogs. Yes, I am still looking for a real life grown up job but in the meantime I am working on this too. I've finally added some pages or tabs, you pick what you want to call them. It's the bare bones right now but please, check them out. It's for serious y'all, I want to work with you to create the palace, or shack, or house, or apartment of your dreams. And while you're at it, 0-4 kids, and either a volvo, VW bug, porsche or ferrari, oh and your husband Jim, Todd, Edward or Joey... get it? MASH!
Anyways, I would love your help to make this minor dream a reality. Check out the tabs above and if you have an opinion I'd love a comment here. It's even a possibility that I could do a giveaway of one of the most precious commodities ever, my time! I'm still toying with the idea of donating to one one my lucky readers (all five of you :)) an hour of my time to pick out paint for one or some rooms in your abode. Are you interested?
So, if you are reading in a reader, come on over to the real thing and check out the tabs...


Ozgirl said...


Well I clcked to check out the new design - I like it.

Re the competition I didn't enter because you said no to Internionals. Maybe some of your other readers are like me and not in the the US.

I must admit I was curious as to why you excluded 'us'. The world wide web. Is pretty much that - world wide so you will reach readers near and far.

I like you style and would love to 'consult' you and think via email would be possible. Lots of magazines have a section on 'send us a pic of you space and we'll give advice' so interntional wouldnt be an issue.

Maybe once a month you could choose someone to do a "send in a pick of a bland space in your house and I will offer suggestions".

Which can be done via email and then offer the reply (your suggestons) on the blog?

Stefanie K. said...

I do love the new layout. It's beautiful, Amy!! Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!