Monday, September 27, 2010

Petaluma Antiques Fair Fall 2010

Yesterday my mom and I went to Petaluma for their twice yearly antiques sale. It just so happened to be on the hottest day we've had in the bay area in a while. It was rough, and unfortunately the attendance seems to have been affected by it. Petaluma has some great older buildings with character. If you are ever in the area I highly reccomend stopping in the little town and enjoying some of the great places to eat and shop.

These magnets were really cute. Vintage milk caps are fixed to the back and a good strong magnet as well. They were cute and very cleanly and well done. The gentleman running the booth said his daughter makes them. Well done Jen!

They also had these very cute and petite frames with vintage linens. I love anything that uses repurposed wood with old paint on it!

Their booth was very nicely put together and they had some lovely things. You can find them at

Bonus points for you if you know what those metal pieces are with the oval shaped holes! Any guesses?

Super cute kitchen set! I loved this almost chartreuse color! I've seen these used in a studio space on one of the blogs that I read but for the life of me I can't remember which one it is!

A whole booth of vintage Christmas stuff! I loved it!

I picked out two really cute ornaments!

Doesn't this make you want to bake something? And wear a really cute apron?

I didn't purchase anything for myself from this booth this time but I did last time I attended the fair. They have a fabulous assortment of really old and well preserved prints from books and posters. I have three things hanging on my wall that I purchased from them last time. I'm hoping to get a vintage Paris street or metro map eventually. They also sell at the Alameda Antiques fair. It's huge, and held on the first Sunday of every month.

I love old bottles

Ok, so I mentioned it was a scorcher right? By the end of the day we were pooped and hot and parched. This was the most tasty and refreshing way to cool off in the shade! Yummy rootbeer floats!

Many of the vendors sell in a great store that happens to be on the same street as the fair. It's called Summer Cottage Antiques, and they really do have a great selection of antique goodies. We went in last time and found some great treasures so we made sure to stop by again yesterday. It was also much cooler in there and there was a nice strong fan I could have stood in front of for hours. I didn't find anything to purchase but I did find the most adorable and fabulously made characters to tell you about!

I love them! They are made by a woman named Christy Silacci of Petaluma, Ca.  They have so much character and it's obvious that Christy is very creative. I loved the two headed zombie queen the most!

Once I get myself organized I'll share pics of the items I did purchase!


Nicole said...

Hi there! I wandered over from BYW... gotta love a good day of antiquing! My husband just doesnt get what he's missing out on...! ;)

Emily said...

pretty apron:

and yes - antique cooking items always make me want to make pineapple upside down cake.