Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adding to my wish list...

Last week I was finally able to purchase a piece of furniture that I've been wanting for a while! I'm not ready to show you yet because it's not completely organized but it's getting there. I plan to have a shelf dedicated to books about crafting and sewing and my small existing collection needs friends. I hope to add these books to my collection someday. I fell in love with the first three books when I went to the quilt show, the fourth I've seen once or twice and the fifth one, we have at work. I end up reading it while I'm on my breaks at work but I would love to have it as my own.

Sew Serendipity is all or mostly clothes, which I don't really know how to sew but it would be cool to learn. I hope to someday. The pieces in this book are fabulous!
After working on some large quilts, I'm loving doing small projects like mug rugs and mini quilts. Mini Quilts has some really cute ideas in it. The images and photos are fantastic! I think I'll aim to get this one first as the projects are the right scale for me right now.

This book has some great insights into how to get a crafty business running and off the ground. It's still very daunting but it's nice to read about others who have done it.

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