Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm baaack!

Hi loyal blog readers! Well, I'm done with my boutique sale, I think it went pretty well! I'm happily sitting on my butt right now after spending my morning cleaning up the tornado that was my house.
I'm really happy with how cute my table ended up, thanks to my sister for helping me get it set up! I must say I love my white tinsel Christmas tree, it's so awesomely festive!

I had two different types of ornaments, the half eaten gingerbread men and the wool felt accordion balls (for lack of a better name) The gingerbread men went like hotcakes! Sorry to those of you who wanted one, I didn't expect them to dissapear so quickly! I'm taking orders and will be making more as fast as I can after a short break from sewing.

I also had cotton gift bags. I'm surprised they didn't sell that well, they're awesome! I have lots of them and they are available to all of you if you are interested.

My mom made some awesome towels, there were Christmas ones and autumn ones. They sold well and there are only four left!

Mug rugs

The felt garlands sold well, and I still have several of the paper ones. They are so cute because they open up to be three dimensional.

Sorry for the less than stellar writing today, my brain is fried. I still have a good amount of stuff left so I'd like to host a little mini boutique sale at my house. I have to figure out a day and time so I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I hope to take good pictures of the items I have left and I'll post them on my other blog.
Thanks for sticking with me while I took a bit of a break from blogging! I'll be back more regularly soon and hopefully with exciting and cute stuff to share!

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