Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Christmas spirit

Christmas means something different for all of us, the spirit moves us in different ways. It has just occurred to me, after a very short trip to the mall that my Christmas spirit does not involve the mall. In fact it kills my Christmas spirit. I wasn't going to go there at all this year but have now gone in twice for very minor things. I won't be going back. I know some people love the Christmas hustle and bustle and the rush to buy up all of their goodies, that  has never been me. This year especially I'm finding that I'd much rather spend my time making things for people than buying them.  It's funny how things change. I work in a retail location at a major shopping mecca and tourist trap but I love it! I don't feel the pressure at Paper Source and I enjoy being there. We'll see how that goes as the season progresses and people are pushing through to buy up all that we have left. 
I'm increasingly finding that my Christmas spirit is heightened by staying at home and sewing while listening to Christmas music and sipping on a hot apple cider, with candles burning. I was at the height of my Christmas spirit last night when I was doing just that! 
I realize this is random but it's on my mind so I just needed to get it out.  What makes you feel especially Christmas spirited?

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