Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zakka coasters

After the last couple of projects I've worked on I've caught myself saying I needed to expand my collection of fabrics into different styles. The fabrics you see here are called batiks, they are pretty cool but I've never thought they were my style. I decided that this project could be a perfect opportunity to use them because I wanted to make a gift for a friend and I didn't feel that my fabric stash had anything appropriate for her. I really love how they turned out!

Once again I used a pattern from my I Love Patchwork book. I sort of screwed up the measurements of the first one I did, and because I'm a perfectionist I just had to do another one following the instructions properly. I love both the screwup and the one I did correctly!

Part of my reasoning for staying away from batiks in the past was that I thought they were too traditional, but the way they are used here keeps them contemporary enough for me.  It doesn't hurt that the colors are fresh and bright either. I love the zigzag quilting!

I ended up giving the rectangular one with the zigzag quilting to my friend, I'm super glad she liked them!

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