Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yarn covered craft letters

Another project that has been in progress for a while is done! Well, the work is done, now I just need to figure out how to hang them. I have ideas but with my schedule lately it won't get done for weeks! You may remember this post where I had just two of the letters done. Only one person guessed the right word from just two letters!  When I set them out to photograph today I had a little fun with some words, there are many you can spell with these six letters, I was surprised! I can think of several more but this post would have been stupidly long if I included all of them.


I hope to hang them in front of my brick wall but it's going to take some creativity...
If you didn't see the original post, we carry these craft letters at Paper Source. Rather than cover them with paper like is expected I wanted to wrap them in yarn. It took a little trial and error but they turned out cute! If you are ever interested in doing this yourself, drop me a line, I have a few pointers.

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