Monday, September 15, 2008

Lamps I like

So I've been thinking about lamps. I'm going to need one or a few once B moves out. Here are a few I like. My favorite ones are the aqua one and the crystal glass one. I like the white one at the top too but it would be better if it was a color. The owl is fun, I don't know that I would ever get an owl lamp though. I don't like the color of the gold one so much but I do like the shape. I need to find something along these lines but cheaper!


Heather said...

oooo...I love the 2nd one with the glass base!


NorCalMrs said...

Those are great. I think the owl one is sooo cute!! Like for a night stand or something. :)

greenEm said...

I like the middle one- blue base