Sunday, November 23, 2008


The front gate and some beautiful brick buildings.

One of the things I really wanted to see while in Boston was Harvard. Or as some might say Hahvad. I can't say that it would look like much to those that just see what is in front of them, but I see the history and the architecture. Everything in New England is so old, so much older than anything we have here in California. I don't think I saw the whole campus, but I saw some pretty great old brick buildings. I went into a very old church, at least I think that is what it was. There were actually classes being held in a part of it. How awesome to have such a beautiful classroom.

I found the student store and bought myself a t-shirt, that says Harvard of course and I found the Starbucks that was right across from campus.
I love that it's in an old building, you can see the words across the top, I think it says it used to be a carriage house. Just down the street from the Starbucks is a graveyard with what are probably the oldest gravestones I have ever seen.

This building is their library and hang out spot.

This is the on campus chapel

This statue reads John Harvard underneath it.

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