Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are you a beer drinker?

I myself am not a big beer drinker but on the occasion that I do have one I tend to stick with non hoppy ones. I tried Fat Tire once because the place I was at didn't have the wheat I would normally drink. I liked it! What I like even more is how green and environmentally responsible a company New Belgium Brewing Co. is.
They really are a cut above! Next time you go buy a 6 pack consider supporting NBB, they deserve it. Go here to read about what they do. Want to know what beers they make? Go here.


Boupie said...

This is one of the only beers I drink. I love all of their seasonal ales and their Fat Tire is yummy. I am glad to hear that they are so green. I guess then I don't have to feel so bad about buying so much of it (j/k).

Alyssa said...

We always have Fat Tire on hand, its my BIL's favorite.