Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm here

I guess I haven't posted much for a while. I went to my parents house this past weekend. It was nice to be around people after being here all alone for most of last week. I worked on and finished my table and chairs, worked on some jewelry and went to a cookie party at the house of a friend. It was nice to see my friends and to hang out for an afternoon into the evening. I'm home now and sad and lonely. When I got here today the paperwork from unemployment was here as well as the first draft of the divorce papers. Just a little too much to handle if you ask me. It's cold and nasty here and I'm worried about running the heater too much. I don't want my bill to be huge. I'm sure I'll post something more fun and uplifting later but this is it for now. At least you know I'm alive.

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