Monday, December 29, 2008

My new favorite movie

I absolutely loved this movie. The Women. I heard from people that it wasn't that good but I loved it. Loved it Loved it!! I don't know that the trailer really does it justice, it has a better message than you might think. It was all about strength found in tough situations. I just loved it. This is probably overkill for most of you who have no interest in seeing it but I loved it so much I'm posting some pics. I loved Meg Ryan's hair, and I loved Annette Benings character and her attitude. She was all about power. I loved the fashion show, the clothes were fabulous, my sister said they were like Narciso Rodriguez, I don't know much about fashion but I loved the designs in the movie. I can't seem to find any pics online of the fashion show in the movie.

Oh, and the whole movie is an all female cast and crew. NO MEN!!!!

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