Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm slowly getting into liking cheese. I don't mean just cheddar either. I will say, I've not gotten that far out yet but I almost always have a small thing of goat cheese around, I've tried Gouda in my mac and cheese recipe and I think this looks interesting. I got the article from the Kitchn on Apartment Therapy. Sounds heavenly. It's called Labneh. Go here to see the original post on the Kitchn.

Do you have a cheese I just have to try? Reccomend something!


Faith, the Authoress said...

LOVE Labneh! My most favorite cheese is cambazola, which is a brie-based cheese laced with gorgonzola. :)

angelabbf said...

- Humboldt Fog
- Manchego (aged the longest time)