Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This home is stunning. I love love love the mix of old and new. That is exactly the aesthetic I am drawn to for my own home. I love how there isn't any huge punch of color here. There are small ones but it's all varying shades of muted pastel and neutrals with a lot of white. It's gorgeous. The floors shown in the two pics below is actually painted! I can't imagine being the person to get down and stencil or paint all of that! See the original post from This Young House here.I love the small pieces of art in the kitchen. Do you see the little framed pink hand mixers in the pic below?! So cute!The homeowner has a great collection of white ceramicwear which is all over the house. I love this hutch!

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Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! I LOVE that house! All white is so beautiful! love love love.