Monday, January 5, 2009

I was a little too harsh

I had a bad morning this morning and was pretty blunt with what I said about not trusting people and everyone being out for themselves. Not everyone is out for themselves and there are people out there that do good things for others unselfishly. I have a couple of friends some that are newer and some that are the oldest that have been so good to me and I'm forever grateful to them for taking care of me.
I am doing the best I can with the deck that I have been dealt. It's not always easy and some moments it feels like hell but I am trying to move on from the pain that I have gone through. It's all anyone can do, right?


Stefanie K. said...

Aw, that's okay (I think). I like to make a point to tell people "there is a reason a blog has a date and time stamp. these are my thoughts and feelings at this time, on this date. On MY blog." Whatever helps you sort through your thoughts is a-okay. But, I am glad you're feeling better and seeing the good/better in people (a little). :)

Faith, the Authoress said...

I agree. It's your blog. I didn't think it was harsh, I figured you had a bad run-in with a Monday. Who doesn't sometimes? The only way to heal is to feel. You have to feel the angry emotions, the sad, the that you can then heal and feel the happy and fulfilled.