Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My day at the San Francisco Zoo!

Today I went to the San Francisco Zoo. I was planning on going to the Academy of Sciences but there was no way it was going to happen. My plans changed and I ended up walking on the beach for a while then I went to the zoo. Just so happens that I got a call for an interview tomorrow just as I was getting ready to go in, we'll see how that goes. So back to the zoo... the giraffe's are by far my favorite zoo animal. They are so graceful and beautiful. I love them! There were 5 in the exhibit included a less than 1 month old baby. She was so precious! The penguins were so cute and the bears were amazing! None of the pictures are in order, it's too much of a pain in the butt to fix it.
This giraffe is pregnant!
This penguin was so cute! I think they make sure that each penguin gets the right amount of fish. They are tagged and some of them had names. This little guy was so patiently waiting for another fish but alas he did not get any more.
Baby giraffe nursing!There were peacocks everywhere! They would call to each other all over the zoo and the sound was amazing!The grizzly bear exhibit was really cool and well done. They were right up against the glass play fighting. Their nails/claws were amazingly long.

This chimpanzee was carrying around and "reading" a National Geographic magazine!


greenEm said...

ooo. I like the otters-they are my favorite!

yogamama said...

I enjoyed your pictures. You should frame the one with the giraffe!