Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A blog all about Martha!

So cool! Check it out here! Emily this is for you!

Here is an exerpt from the Martha Moments blog...

Information travels fast in Marthaland! My friend Kenn, who runs the Everyday House Blend blog, was informed by one of his readers that the April issue of Martha Stewart Living has been redesigned with several new features and the return of some old favourites. (If you don't like spoilers, don't read any further!)
In the April issue, shown above, readers will at last see the return of Martha's Calendar, a daily schedule of events in Martha's life. The column was removed in 2003 in anticipation of Martha's criminal trial. The April, 2009, issue heralds its return!
New columns include The Briefing (a look at new books and trends, which seems to be a Blueprint theme absorbed by Martha Stewart Living) and The Apothecary, which provides updates on the lastest wellness information and advice on choosing the best beauty products and tools.
The April issue also marks the introduction of fashion into the Living fold, which will be a regular feature from now on. This issue has a look at the latest in spring jackets.

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Emily said...

have totally added this to my reader. Thanks!