Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My day in review

So I officially had my first day of work today. It was a whirlwind of information and very different from my last job. The work is different, the people are different and the office is waaay different. One of the biggest dissapointments is that I have to use my own computer which if you ask me is a load of b.s.
I realized today just how good I had it at my last employer, we had a beautiful office, I had a new updated and roomy desk and a new computer and I sat just under a skylight so it was nice and roomy and bright. My new office is in a basement, has no windows and my desk kind of sucks. I'm definitely going to do some rearranging.
The people seem to be really nice and energetic and let me tell you, there are some handsome men working there. When I interviewed last week the guy told me that "his boss looked like a movie star." I seriously have to agree with him. He is a very attractive and fashionable older guy. Not old, just older. He's well weathered. Apparently he also has season tickets for the Sharks and frequently gives them to the people in the office. He asked me when he was leaving today if I am a Sharks fan and when I said I was he was happy! He said that he will get me some tickets some time in the next couple of weeks, that would be really cool!
I'm going to learn a lot that will be really helpful for my career but it sort of feels like I'm taking such a huge step backwards. I'm technically a designer's assistant. I won't be doing any designing of anything for a long time but will be doing a lot of filing, updating of the website, and research. They also need me to help with some LEED stuff so at least I'll be working on something I'm passionate about. They provide their clients with a folder of sorts when the job is done that is basically a user's manual for their new house. I'll be in charge of making those look nice and unified which will be a cool job. I already have a rather large pile of work to do.
I think that overall it will be good but it's going to take some getting used to.
My brain was so full and pooped when I left that I decided to order a pizza and have a drink with it for dinner. I'm so bummed that the bottom of the pizza is a little on the overdone side. I was really looking forward having some tasty pizza and a bottle of cider. And lastly when I got home I found a bug that looks an aweful lot like a cockroach crawling across the kitchen floor.
So anyways, we'll see how it goes. It was a long day. I'll keep you updated.

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greenEm said...

You will be great and this it is just another step to your career success- learn and take as much from it as you can.