Sunday, March 29, 2009

One of my new favorite shows

A while back I discovered a show on the Travel Channel about Mark and Olly and their travels to remote tribes. They earn the trust of the tribe and live with them to learn as much as possible as they can about them. It's fascinating!
Right now they are living with a tribe in Peru called the Machigenga. The season finale is on tonight at 10. I won't be up to watch it but I'll catch a rerun of it another time. One of the most awesome parts of it is that they have been the adoptive parents of a wooly monkey baby that lost both of her parents. They named her Gianna, she is the cutest little thing, and it's even cuter how attached to her the two grown men have become.
Check out the show on the website, you can see pics of Gianna too!Can you see her?

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