Friday, June 12, 2009

Being on vacation by oneself...

Can get sort of lonely and boring, but at the same time the solitude is sort of nice. This morning I got up and went for a walk to find some of the beaches I'm used to visiting. It was great, the sun is shining today and it's a bit breezy, as it usually is in the afternoon here.
I found many shells, I went on a hunt for starfish and found some and got pretty close to some seals. I sat on the deck and worked on my quilt with my feet in the sun until it got too cold.
For some reason I don't want the tv on unless it's night time, it makes it feel like less of a vacation. But I find that when you are by yourself it's not the same as when you are with other people. When we have come to Sea Ranch in the past the TV is hardly ever on. We spend our time reading and walking on the beach. Anyways, I'm rambling a lot. Here are some pictures...
I'm going to stop at the chapel on my way back then go down to the beach for a bit, then I think I'll hit the hot tub!

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