Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeds my soul

As I was driving to Sea Ranch I was trying to think of how to explain to people how I feel about this place. Now not everyone is going to love it here as much as I do, but this the best I can do to explain it. It feeds my soul and it's somewhat of a religious experience for me. As I got to the ocean and turned on the music that absolutely must be played during the stretch of drive from Jenner to Sea Ranch, this incredibly giddy and restorative feeling came over me. I was here, I was going to Sea Ranch! Just me, Paul Simon and the cows.
I realized that so much of what makes the trip so special is the smells. The smells of cows as you drive down a two lane road, the smell of sulfur as you drive past the vineyards (which remind me of my grandma's house) and then the smell of the trees as you go through Guerneville, and then the ocean. Now I'm sitting in the Sea Ranch Lodge and the smell here is special too, the smell of wood. The smell of the ocean fog in the mornings is special too.
I haven't been to my house yet, I stopped at the Lodge first to check out the gift shop and get on the computer. There is no wireless at the house so I have to come here if I want to use the computer.
Word to the wise... drive slowly down highway 1, you could run into cows!

Ok, I'm off to check out my house!

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yogamama said...

Good pictures, Amy.