Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So, once again I'm in bed with my computer at 9:00 on a weekday when I should be out working and being useful.
This is so frustrating. I feel like I was doing my best at that place and making myself valuable and working hard for them but I guess I just wasn't what they wanted. I've been thinking since last night about what I did wrong. When I told my boss that I had too much work to do to get done in the 8 hours I was there and could I work overtime to get it done, he said no and to just get everything done that I could while I was there. Yesterday he alluded to the fact that I just came in for my 8 hours and went home and didn't put anything more into it. I'm confused, so basically they would prefer that I work more than the 8 hours but not get paid for it I guess.
He also said that he got complaints that I would often put off doing the work that other people asked me to do, to work on my own stuff. What own stuff? I didn't have any of my own stuff? I was doing all of the stuff that they gave me to do! The organization and level of professionalism in that office was severely lacking, I was trying to organize things so they would run more smoothly and be easier for everyone. He told me that I expected too much of them and my standards were too high. I guess that's what happens when you go from working for an architects office to a construction company. Sort of like switching from filet mignon to ground chuck.
Oh, and they said that I thought they owed me, when I asked about health benefits and vacation time. Aren't those normal things to ask about when being hired?
Note to self: never work for a construction company again. Their standards of taking care of their employees are very low.
Maybe I need to lower my standards and not ever expect an employer to provide those things...

I think it comes down to them thinking highly of themselves and that they were doing me a favor and me thinking that an employer should provide benefits to take care of their employee.

I just talked to the placement agency that I was working through and he was just as shocked as I was to find out that they aren't keeping me. He's going to keep his eyes peeled for something for me, maybe I'll get lucky again and have something else fall into my lap.

This sucks.


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Ava said...

A, I am so sorry! I hope you find something worthy of you soon.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like such a crappy company! I can't believe they expected you to work overtime and not be paid for it AND not recieve benefits even when you're working that hard.

Fucking economy.

I'm really sorry.