Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finished the bookshelf

This bookshelf started out as a plain wood one. More than a year and a half ago I painted it red and green which you can see in the crappy picture to the left. Well with the new colors I have in the apartment it didn't work anymore, and who is to say that it ever worked before. I stripped and repainted it last weekend. Some of you may ask why I stripped and and why I didn't just paint over the green and red paint. Well when I painted it I couldn't get the better quality paint that dries nicely so I got crappy paint at H.D. and it was forever tacky. I always buy Dunn Edwards paint because it is the best! Lesson learned. Anyhow, I repainted it and used a paper from Paper Source for the back of the shelves. There is nothing on the top right now because the polyeurethane needs to cure a bit more.

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